Delete your entire Google profile.

I got tired of Google wanting to back up my photos and share them. I keep having to respond to annoying little Google+ bullshit. So I went to see what it would take to turn all that off. I came close to deleting my Google account it is so bad. Here is what you will see if you decide do so.
First I unchecked all of these boxes. It took a min or so, I had to drill down to find them all.
Manage subscriptions
Occasional updates about Google+ activity and friend suggestions
Occasional updates from people outside your circles
Receive notifications
Get notified by email or phone when someone...
Communications about Google+ Pages
Apps & activities
Manage your apps and Activity Log, including who can see your Google and third-party activities.
Manage apps & activities
Your circles
When you share posts, photos, profile data, and other things with "Your circles," you're sharing with all of your circles, except the ones you're just following.
Photos and Videos
Learn more
Storage used: 7.89 GB (52.6%) of 15 GB.
Buy more storage
Turning on full size uploads will slow down your uploads.
Google Drive
Learn more
Only you can see them in your library until you choose to share them
Auto Enhance
Learn more
It’s easy to revert any photo that’s been enhanced
Auto Awesome
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People whose tags of you are automatically approved to be added to the 'Photos of you' section of your profile:
Your circles icon
Your circles 
Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile. Learn more.
Show these profile tabs to visitors (they're always visible to you) Learn more:
YouTube / Videos
Allow people to send you a message from your profile
Help others discover my profile in search results. Learn more
Unchecking this box prevents most search engines from indexing your profile. It does not prevent them from indexing any public posts or comments.
Location Settings
Enable Location Sharing
Location Sharing allows you to share your current location from Location Reporting on your devices, with people you choose. People you share your location with can see your current location across Google products, including Google+ and Google Now. They can also see your places, such as home and work. Learn more
Disable Google+
Delete your entire Google profile here.
 So I clicked on that. I have a lot of blogs I don't want to delete. I just want G+ out of my life.

If you delete your Google profile, you delete Google+ as well as other services and their data that depend on a Google profile. Learn more
Over the next few days, Google will attempt to delete your Google profile and the feature and the data that depend on it.
Google+ and its data including:
  • Your circles will be deleted, but people in your circles will remain in your Contacts.
  • Your +1's will be deleted.
  • Your posts and comments will be deleted and won't available to the people or communities you shared them with.
  • Any profile information that you did not make public will be deleted.
  • Many Google+ social and sharing features will be disabled for you on other Google sites.
  • Content from other services, such as videos, will no longer be visible to people in those circles.
  • No photos will be deleted: you can still access them in Picasa. To delete them, go to Picasa Web Albums.
  • Your connections to third-party services will not be affected. To manage them go to Connected accounts settings.
  • Your chat buddies in Google Talk and Gmail will not be deleted.
  • Your Google+ Local reviews will not be deleted: They will be marked as private and accessible in the "My Places" section of Google Maps. You will be able to delete them there. Learn more.
  • No communities you created will be deleted, unless you're the only member.
Google+ Pages
  • Pages you own
    No Google+ pages that you own will be deleted. If you don't want to own a page any more, you can delete it. Deleting a page is permanent. You can also transfer ownership of a page, using the page's settings. Learn More.
  • Pages you manage
    You can continue to manage any pages you currently manage. Your name and email address will be visible to the owner and the other managers of any page you manage. You can also remove yourself as a manager of a page, using the page's settings. If you do, you'll no longer be able to act as that page or take any kind of administrative actions. However, all of your past posts, comments, and other actions will remain intact. Learn More.
Deleting your Google+ profile will affect your channel James Dillon. Learn more
If you delete your Google+ profile:
  • Your comments and messages will be permanently deleted
  • The following will be made private until you re-enable your channel:
    • Your channel name
    • Your 33 videos
    • Your 4 playlists
    • Other people's subscriptions to your channel
Your public Google profile will be removed.
  • Deleting your public profile will not affect the status of your Google Account.
Other Google products which require a profile will be impacted. Learn more