It's too much. 4 columns is too many.

It's a bit too much. What do you think? I have studied UI / UX and for me, less is more.

Here we have my Facebook page exposed for the world to see. Hell, if the NSA can see it, you may as well too. On the left side, we have a column of links, things like Pages, Groups, Apps, Friends, and so on. All fine and good. In the middle, where we spend most of our time, we have the endless supply of selfies, cat photos, car mishaps, and occasionally, a stunning work of art and insightful thought.

Next to THAT, we have the ads. Constant barrage of crap that Zuck's marketing geniuses think I may be shopping for. Asian brides. Korean Brides. Christian Women looking for Christian men. I think Facebook wants us all to hook up and have lots of Facebook babies and post the photos to infect the next generation. Jeez. There is a ad for a Thorens turntable that looks a LOT like a photo I took a few years ago. Maybe it is the same photo, but I will let that go for now. That brings me to the right side:

The "Stream of Crap" is what I refer to that ungodly javascript-rendered CPU hog abomination running on the far right column. Every bit of mundane flotsam running thru the Facebook filters gets displayed here, as if I want to or NEED to know what everyone did and said about everything going on. Jeez. Can I turn that off? Apparently not. Web 2.0 just went to Web 1.33 or less.